The Ben & Marc Show

Crisis in Higher Ed & Why Universities Still Matter

Episode Summary

Marc and Ben take a “structural” look at higher education, diving deep into the twelve functions of the modern university, as well as unpack the numerous challenges facing universities today.

Episode Notes

Welcome to “The Ben & Marc Show”, featuring a16z co-founders Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen.  In this latest episode, Marc and Ben tackle the university system – a hot topic that’s been dominating the news over the past few months.

As Marc states at the top of the episode, universities matter tremendously to our world, but they’re currently in a state of crisis.  In this one-on-one conversation, Ben and Marc take a “structural” look at higher education, delving deep into the twelve functions of the modern university.  They also unpack the numerous challenges that universities face today – the student debt and the replication crisis, among them.  

As colleges face an existential dilemma that could have long lasting repercussions, how can we find ways to improve these institutions, while being open to new entrepreneurial opportunities in education? Enjoy!



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Books mentioned on this podcast:

– “The Case Against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money” by Bryan Kaplan

– “Public Opinion” by Walter Lippmann


Article mentioned on this podcast:

– “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False” by John Ioannidis

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